Environmental Radiological and Chemical Services

Risk Assessment

Envirachem utilizes probabilistic risk analysis computer modeling to provide defensible, quantitative answers to regulatory questions. Methodology includes the SAPHIRE (Systems Analysis Programs for Hands-on Integrated Reliability Evaluations) and RESRAD (RESidual RADioactive materials) computer codes. These provide useful tools for evaluating the human and environmental risks at contaminated sites.

SAPHIRE has a variety of analytical techniques:

  • Recursive routines
  • Restructuring and expansion of logic models
  • Conversion of complemented gates and treatment of success branches
  • Logic pruning due to TRUE or FALSE house events
  • Coalescing gates and the identification of modules and independent sub-trees
  • Intermediate results caching
  • Bit-table Boolean absorption

RESRADThe RESRAD family of codes include:

  • RESRAD - Radiological Soil Contamination
  • RESRAD-BUILD - Building Contamination
  • RESRAD-CHEM - Chemical Soil Contamination
  • RESRAD BASELINE - Assessment With Known Concentrations of Radionuclides and Chemicals
  • RESRAD-ECORISK - Ecological Risk From Chemicals
  • RESRAD-Recycle - Assessment of Suitability of Contaminated Materials for Recycling
  • RESRAD-OFFSITE - Analysis of Radiological Doses to Areas Offsite